Ecotanicals Hydrating Facial Cleanser  125ml

Ecotanicals Hydrating Facial Cleanser 125ml

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Gentle foaming sulfate-free, soap-free pH balanced natural hydrating face wash for sensitive skin.


Effectively cleanses the skin of impurities, daily grime, make-up and oils without drying.

Free of Sulfates and harsh detergents which can sensitise and dry the skin.

Gently exfoliation improves the skin’s texture and tone.


Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E increase skin moisturising and hydration.

Witch Hazel is a natural alcohol-free toner with effective astringent properties to reduce pore size and tone the skin.

Polyglucoside, naturally derived from sugar cane and coconut oil is the most natural and effective cleanser, alternative to harsh sulfate detergents.

Witch Hazel

reduces surface irritation and inflammation and is a strong anti-oxidant and effective astringent in reducing pore size. It has been recommended for psoriasis, eczema, cracked or blistered skin. It creates a partial barrier against infection.

Natural Salicylic Acid

is naturally derived from Wintergreen leaves and the bark of Sweet Birch. It has positive effects on prematurely aged skin due to sun exposure. It exfoliates the face to improve texture, and is a useful skin acne treatment. Studies show it to be less irritating than skin care products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (Glycolic acid).

How to use:

All skin types (normal, dry, sensitive, oily, combination) - apply twice daily, am and pm.