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Our quality of life is dependent on our mind and our health. Our health is dependent on our environment, exercise and quality of food. Our thoughts become our reality and our emotions control our mind which dictates our peace and wellbeing. Often it's just a reminder of who and what you really are, the basics we forget so easily when we are busy. Sometimes you need a big Wake-Up call to a new higher understanding, to see things clearly and bring you back to balance and peace. ACIM The quality of rest we get and the physical exercise we take, the water we drink to the Air we breathe, everything is related and connected, from the essential elements of nature, to the bacteria and microbiota in our gut. We have been given everything we need from the minerals in the Earth in your food, and chemically combining elements of Earth Air Fire and Water. All elements are equally important and work effortlessly in your body day and night. Processes and reactions and are repeated throughout the cells of your body, predicting the quality of your life.    

Ra Ora consultations takes a closer look at all the elements of your life and body.

Ra Ora Consultation  30 min $60    60min $95

 Ora Consultations and card readings are an energenic look at whats going on in your body, mind and life. Through the chakras and aura reading your energy as a guage, with a combination of intuition, numerology and Prana, this reading can also be given remotely by phone or skype.

Ra Ora Consultation  30 min $60        60min $95